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Wednesday Wins: Tomatoes & Temptations

Wednesday Wins: Tomatoes & Temptations

Sometimes you have one of those weeks where it's just a win to get through the day. The end of the month is always a hard time in a lawyer's life, since that's usually when most firms (and even some in-house positions) require you to submit your final billable total - aka proving what you've been doing all the live-long day. Depending on the firm, or the specialty, your requirement from the higher ups may be drastically different, but either way there's always that pressure to get it done and to raise the bar a bit from the month before. 

That's why last night, I had win #1: 

1. Pizza and Wine for dinner


I've also survived my first week of trying to go fully meat-less. And yes, I know bacon is a meat! I'm also trying to cut out dairy but I'm only human, so we're taking that one day by day. Or, scoop of ice cream by sprinkle of parmesan. I also renewed my love for the zoodle: 

2. I discovered zoodles with marinara and parm is just as good as the real thing. 


Lately I've been trying to make more time to pick up the needles (which coincides with my attempts at getting into this thing called an "audiobook") and one of the ways I got psyched myself up again for the cuddly season was to purchase the Sunset Highway sweater pattern from Boyland Knitworks. Then, a couple of days later, I got the new Knit Picks catalogue and found the perfect fingering-weight yarn with similar hand-dyed qualities as that in the original sample pattern. I haven't purchased it yet but it's on my someday list!

Win #3 is: 

3. Resisting the temptation to purchase yarn I'm not going to use until February 2018 at the earliest. 


(You see how I did that? With the title and everything? Just checking.)

Oh, yes, and --

4. I got 9h45m sleep on Saturday night. 

This achievement cannot be underestimated.

Have you started feeling the pull of Fall yet? Pumpkin spice everything and crisp leaves underfoot? Or are you deep in the throes of summer lovin and can't imagine pulling on a sweater just yet? 

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