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High Five for Friday, vol. 17: Pumpkin Spiced Everything

High Five for Friday, vol. 17: Pumpkin Spiced Everything

You know those people who insist on waiting until after Thanksgiving Day to play any holiday music, who wait until October 1st to even look at a pumpkin-shaped cookie, who summarily put up and take down their Christmas decorations within one calendar month?

Yeah, I’m definitely not one of those people.

I am also not one of those people who wants to leave Christmas lights strung up year round, although I will say I lean closer to that side than the bah humbug scrooge contingent. I say this with love, as I have had many friends send me notes in the past two weeks teasing me about pumpkin spice season’s arrival. Little do they know, I had August 28th (the date of the PSL’s launch this year) marked on my calendar and it was the first purchase I made that morning, with glee.


That said, I do believe in everything in its right time and place. Now is the time for crunchy leaves, for cinnamon spiced everything, for cardigans and plaid shirts and maybe a wool jacket at night. But we have yet to hit the caroling-cookie-baking-reindeer-and-elves season. That time is coming. Winter is coming. But it is not yet here.

I also just bought the Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie spice jar today so give me some time to really get sick of that before we totally switch gears, ok?

high five

This week’s High Five was the celebration of Mr. Foggy’s 37th birthday. I cooked him his favorite dinner and made brownies for dessert, because I’m dating a monster who doesn’t like cake, and we ended up watching Ocean’s 8 before going to sleep early. Ok, at a normal time. But it felt early for a Sunday night, which is usually reserved for my panic-mode of getting work done for any Monday morning hearings (this past week, it was a Trial.)

Oh, ok, wait, I changed my mind - my High Five this week was surviving my second Trial in two weeks. Oof. For work comp cases, that’s not so common. I’m looking forward to a few weeks without a stressful hearing (fingers crossed.)

low five

I got sick, felt groggy, came home, took Walgreens knockoff-Nyquil, and slept for 5 hours while Mr. Foggy watched the first season of True Detective. I then woke up just in time to watch the very last episode of the first season and go back to sleep - or attempt to, because that episode is super creepy. Needless to say, my physical health is not at an all-time high this week.

your five

I’m going to do a separate post on this (never fear, shopping links will abound!) but I wanted to share a few of my favorite fall items I’ve seen on the interwebs. I’m supposed to be doing another Spending Fast, so instead of buying them all I’m sending them to you. It’s working about 50% of the time.

  1. I want four matching Staub ceramic pumpkin pots to serve soup. Preferably some kind of squash soup. Yummmmm.

  2. The “hello pumpkin” mug was sold out so instead I highly recommend this “pumpkin spice” campfire mug. Sometimes you need a little “on the nose” seasonal decor.

  3. You can’t go wrong with maple glazed apple fritters in fall, and you can never go wrong with any recipe on Half Baked Harvest.

  4. This angled mixing bowl should help with any seasonal baking - or whisking scrambled eggs, or whipped cream, or really any kind of mixing ever. Plus it looks so chic!

  5. Alright, this one I did end up buying. I had to! It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus, right?

Next week we’ll be back with funny articles and recipes in addition to pure consumerism, I promise. If you have any other fall favorites you’ve seen, please send them my way!

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