Welcome! I'm Maddy.

I run a handmade knits shop and work with a company advocating for safer beauty and skincare standards in the industry. Oh yeah, and I’m a lawyer during the daylight hours. I’m constantly trying to balance my day job with my side hustle, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This space is for all of it: recipes, travel and beauty tips, and musings from another 30-something trying to figure it all out. And when you're in the mood for cozy, you can find something for everyone in the shop!

A bit about me:

  1. Favorite colors: grey and pale blush pink.

  2. Favorite drink: a Dark & Stormy, or a Pinot Noir, or a cherry coke.

  3. Favorite movie: You've Got Mail, or any of the Harry Potter movies.

  4. Favorite book: Little Women, or any of the Harry Potter books.

  5. Favorite time of year: Fall

  6. Favorite food: Any and all kinds of pasta except gnocchi.

Likes: hot coffee, cold pizza, safer skincare, and a squishy ball of yarn.

Dislikes: bugs indoors, eggplant, waiting for the next season of TV to come out on Netflix. 

So, your turn! Tell me about yourself. Leave a comment on a post that speaks to you, fill out the form on my contact page, or sign up for the newsletter to stay updated with the blog and shop.