Welcome! I'm Maddy.

I run a handmade knits shop -- find us herehere, and here -- and am constantly trying to balance my day job with my side hustle. Sometimes it's a circus, but it's all of my own making.

(That's a little craft pun for you.)

This space is for all of it: recipes, travel tips, and musings from another 30 something just trying to figure it out. And when you're in the mood for cozy, you can find something for everyone in the shop!

A bit about me:

  1. Favorite colors: grey, taupe, and pale blush pink. 
  2. Favorite drink: Dark & Stormy, or a Pinot Noir, or cherry coke. 
  3. Favorite movie: You've Got Mail, or any of the Harry Potter movies.
  4. Favorite book: Little Women, or any of the Harry Potter books.
  5. Favorite time of year: Fall
  6. Favorite food: Any and all kinds of pasta except gnocchi. 

Likes: hot coffee, cold veggie pizza, and a squishy ball of yarn.

Dislikes: bugs indoors, eggplant, waiting for the next season of TV to come out on Netflix. 

So, your turn! Tell me about yourself. Leave a comment on a post that speaks to you, fill out the form on my contact page, or sign up for the semi-regular newsletter to stay updated with the blog and shop. 

Either way, come on in, grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and let's chat!