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Clarion Street, San Francisco

In lieu of an outfit post this week (I had a busy weekend, ah!) I'm posting these pictures Val and I took at Clarion Street, an alley in the Mission full of amazing mural artwork. This post includes some awkward body shots of what I was wearing that day, so, you're welcome. IMG_4031IMG_4016IMG_4005IMG_4018IMG_4028

I had actually never heard of Clarion Street, much less been there, before this past weekend - and lord above was I missing out. The entire alleyway is filled, floor to sky, with painted murals, cartoons, and poster-like drawings - even the street is covered in chalk and paint.

What you notice at first glance is the magnitude of works, then the colors begin to overwhelm your senses... but what I found most impressive is really the variety of works in both style and substance. Some are abstract, some are block prints with messages, some are photo-realist paintings, and all have a very clear message or meaning behind them. It's obvious that each artist has a different cultural, social, and political background, making the resulting alley such a meaningful demonstration of San Francisco's diversity.

I also love that the works are not permanent, but not short-lived either - some are up for weeks, others for months, but the city (and, from what I can tell, the citizenry) lets the alley remain in its complete artistic state. I'm not sure how one gets to do a mural, but we saw someone painting his portion even while we were there, so its clear the art rotates from time to time.

Click through for more iPhone snapshots of these breathtaking murals (I apologize in advance for the sunniness of some of the photos... I can't wait to go back with my "real" camera someday!)


And then, for good measure, here's a selfie of me trying on a hat in a shop before we found Clarion Street. I call it my "Blossom circa 1995" outfit. If it had fit a smidgen better I would have snapped that puppy up, you'd better believe...


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