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Because it's Ladies Night:  Los Angeles, night 2

Because it's Ladies Night: Los Angeles, night 2

As some of you may know, my younger self used to be a Yes person. "Want to go to the mall?" Yes! "Want to order in dinner?" Yes! "Want to go to this party?" Yes! If you have heard of FOMO, you have an idea of what my college years were like. Not to say that any of this was bad - when you're younger and have more energy, it's fun to accept every invitation and spend your weekends traipsing from one activity to another with your rambunctious friends. Add in sorority events and you increase the calendar by an additional ten hours a week, at least.

But when you're a bit older, and a bit more tired, you end up choosing your activities more selectively. That is, you basically only say Yes if someone has free food, if there is someone attending you really love and haven't seen in a while, or if it's a birthday/anniversary/holiday event. And even then, sometimes you say a big No to catch up on Making a Murderer or Orange is the New Black in your pajamas before going to bed at 10:15.

2016-05-28 18.13.18

That's why it's so important to have friends who will drag you out of your adulting cocoon and remind you that you're not dead yet, and you can sleep when you are.

Introducing: The Big Night Out of Freyan's bachelorette weekend.

First, we began by reviewing all necessary information regarding an LA night out from that iconic lexicon of celebrity known as Us Weekly - they had a very important edition regarding The Hills that seemed right on topic for our weekend.


Then we attempted to open more champagne which, predictably, exploded on us.


We then powered through a variety of tunes with our phones attached to the hotel's record player (with some polite assistance from a very accommodating hotel employee - turns out you need to plug it in first) as we prepared for the night out.

Sharing eyeliner tricks, taking wardrobe polls, and consuming multiple glasses of champagne ensued therein.

2016-05-28 20.20.20

Eventually, we determined all 52 of us (six of us but in one hotel room it feels like more) were fit to be seen by the outside world, and we called an Uber to take us to dinner. Luckily, it was the super stylish minivan shown above.

2016-05-28 20.51.49

When we arrived at L&E Oyster Bar, our table was awaiting us on the front patio accompanied by a bottle of bubbly sent to the restaurant by Freyan's coworkers. If this girl had any question about how excited people are for her to get hitched, the number of bottles sent to various locales during our trip should answer that easily!

We ordered another bottle to share and started our ladies night with a few trays of oysters. When in Rome, right?


If there is anything more delicious or photogenic than an oyster, please inform me. Maybe a peony, but you don't eat those, so. I stand by my statement. #liveyourtruth #oystersarelife


While the restaurant has a seasonal menu, so not all of the items we consumed are on their current list of offerings, I can attest that the oysters were impeccable and are probably so all year round.

Also ordered: the fried oysters (just as satisfying), the fries and dips (sustained us through our multiple bottles of bubbly), a salmon spread (reminded me of another dip I'd tried at a Brooklyn bar with F and her fiancé, which seemed very full-circle) and the wedge salad (which made us feel all the better about the rest of our order.)

(We had to get the perfect picture to send to Freyan's coworkers!)

After a few more rounds of toasting with shellfish and champagne, we proceeded down the street to our second destination of the night.


Which was? ..."Dance Yourself Clean" at The Satellite in Silverlake. Truly, what better way to cap off the bachelorette weekend than with a dance party?


"'Dance Yourself Clean' is a no frills weekly dance party that started in Seattle and has now expanded to Los Angeles. The idea behind DYC is to give music fans a place to dance and have fun that isn’t a typical bottle service club or underground warehouse rave. The music is unpretentious yet not the monotonous top 40 hits played in most clubs on the west side. Patrons of DYC can be seen singing along on the dance floor, slow dancing to the latest Charlie XCX or jumping up and down to their favorite Daft Punk song. Anything goes at Dance Yourself Clean, all we ask is that you leave your expectations and inhibitions at the door, come in take a shot and get on the floor."

For our group, this was the perfect mix of high energy music with a relaxed audience - we could get to the bar without having to break a sweat pushing our way through, but then we could also return to the midst of the crowd in front of the DJ stage and let loose.

Now, the photos to follow were a result of two things: 1. really dark and constantly changing lighting, and 2. too much fun to focus on the camera.


And, trust me, these were the best of the bunch.

At this point in the story, I would like to introduce you to a little thing my friends Meg and Lindsey call "JOMO": the Joy of Missing Out.

In case you're unfamiliar, bars in California close at 2am. There are occasionally places that stay open later, but 2am is the time my body has become conditioned to completely maxing out for a night.

My friends who have spent time in New York, however, were not subject to the same sleep-inducing tick of the clock, and sought out additional entertainment...which they found in the form of an all-night Korean spa, where they wore obligatory maching yellow shirts and khaki shorts and took a dip in the pool and got facials and apparently woke up some sleeping spa-goers with their raucous exploration of the building. It was a pretty great story to wake up to!

Lily and I, on the other hand, enjoyed a speedy Lyft ride back to the Ace Hotel, which is (we discovered) conveniently located next to a teeny taco stand open at all hours. We took our nourishment back to the room, where Lily made herself a bed of the bolster pillows,  and we slept soundly as our compadres snuck in after their spa-scursion in the wee hours of the morn.

Champagne? Check. Oysters? Check. Dance party? Check. I think we've covered the bachelorette bacchanalia!

Next up? Our last day in Los Angeles! We visited Venice Beach and dined at Gjusta and night + market.  

Photo of the Week 3: Foggy Day in Nature

Photo of the Week 3: Foggy Day in Nature

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