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You'd think a Baby Lawyer would be better at this kind of thing...

But sadly, apparently reading the fine print is a lifeskill even almost-Lawyers lack in certain instances. For instance (ha), purchasing last minute, spur-of-the-moment tickets to visit your friends (!) in New York should be followed by hooting and hollering and cartwheels down the office cubicle-hallway. However, for me, it led to internalized swearing (my mental mouth is not quite as bad as a Sailor but rather verges on Junior Sea Scout status) and an utter disregard for whatever my Wills & Trusts professor was talking about today.

Turns out, Expedia sucks - especially when they send you an online itinerary full of flights connecting you from here to your destination, except for the very first one that is supposed to take you on Step 1 of your magical carpet ride. Because, that's cool. And then they suck even more when they alert you somewhere in that mythical fine print that each ticket change will be subject to a $150 cancellation fee (that's enough to keep a girl in Starbucks for three whole weeks! Come on now.) Where Expedia does not suck, mind you, is in their 24-hour full refund policy. Thank god weekends do not count as business days, although I guess my figuring this all out on the Monday after my Friday purchasing was more a result of divine providence than anything Expedia had control over.

Alright, they're still idiots. Except you, Eugene on the Georgia Expedia hotline. You're ok.

Zooooooom! That's me taking off, in January, on my newly booked, $100 cheaper than Expedia, Virgin America flight. Thanks Eug.

The Chicken or the Egg?

What a sob story.