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Lagunitas Brewery

Last weekend, some friends and I took a mini-road trip up north to Petaluma to visit the Lagunitas Brewery. Our original goal was to take the brewery tour and see how they actually produce their beers, but as you'll see below, plans change...

We got primo seats, right by the entryway to the Brewery's dining area but also right in the middle of the sun. I managed to escape by the skin of my nose having any kind of sunburn. That could also be attributed to Lily's constant reminders to apply sunscreen like it was my key to salvation. WHO KNOWS, maybe someday that will prove true, like that famous graduation speech says.


Please note that the amount of clothing we are all wearing begins to lessen over the length of the photo shoot. Thank you, California summer.



Yours truly!

We ate so many peanuts that day.

We decided since there were four of us to get the Around the World flight of 16 of their beers (four each! in the baby glasses.)

Jess insisted on looking up each description as we tasted it. 

...that didn't last long.

I have never liked dark beers, but this Imperial Stout was the best beer I tried that day. I need to look for this in stores, a-sap.

Then, we decided to get lunch. I'd only been to Lagunitas once before but what I did remember was having an incredible veggie pressed sandwich. This time I got a turkey club (fitting, I think, since I decided to go vegetarian today) and Lily got the artichoke sandwich. Lauren and Jess both got the bratwurst sausage sandwich and had a little too much fun with jokes revolving around that subject. Ok, we all did.

Turkey Club



Of course we had to get the surfer tank tops. Lily and Jess couldn't wait to put theirs on!

And then, Lily recognized my law school friend Mike! He is a beer connoisseur, if you will, and as evidenced here ventures out to breweries on his own regularly. He hung out with us for a bit until the tour started and then had his fun exploring their new brewing process. We didn't make it to the tour that day...I think that kind of thing is only fun for people who actually care about how it's all made! 

Massage time! It's been a stressful day.

It was a pretty great day. But next time, ladies, let's find seats in the shade!

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