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Fork it Over | BalsAvo Toast

Y'all, I made the best breakfast this weekend! And, bonus points - it only took three ingredients, and it has a funny name. balsavo toast

To make this "dish" (snort) you need:

- a thick slab of good bread (I bought this walnut bread from Tartine) - avocado - balsamic reduction (which I'll teach you to make!)


Ready to start? Come on in! 

Step 1: Depending on how much reduction you want to make, pour 1 cup (or more) into a sauce pan and put on medium to high heat. You want to bring the vinegar to a boil - but don't get it up your nose!

I made a little bit less as an experiment - but you can store this in the fridge and put it on a variety of things, so it doesn't hurt to make a little too much.

(Also, I don't know what photography gremlin is in my camera, but that weird geometric shape in the pan isn't real. FYI!)


While you're waiting for this to boil, begin with...

Step 2: Slice and toast your bread, and halve your avo(cado) for easy scooping.


Step 3: When your vinegar has come to a boil, turn it down to a simmer for 5-10 minutes (depending on how much balsamic you started with) and stir frequently with a spoon or spatula.

It will begin to thicken up pretty quickly, and remember, it will continue to cook and thicken if left in the pan (a lesson I learned the sticky way.)


Look at how gloppy it is! I just want to spoon this over peaches and ice cream and avocados and... ok, well, everything. I want to make reductions for every sauce I ever make again. So easy!


I'll try not to get too carried away.

Step 4: Assemble!

I find you can slice or spoon your avo onto the hot toast and, assuming it's a ripe avo, the heat will help soften it even more so you should have no problem smooshing it evenly.

If you're using a less-ripe avo, maybe pre-mash your spread in a bowl before adding to the toast.

Then, drizzle a bit of balsamic (to taste - it's pretty strong!) onto your mash, and enjoy. The mix of salty balsamic added the perfect bite to the mellow avo taste, and it doesn't have any added salt! You can, of course, always add salt and pepper.

DSC_4811 DSC_4814 DSC_4816

Step 5: Make this for every meal from here on out, including lazy weekday dinners.

What do you think, will you try this?


Also: Have you ever made a reduction before? I love learning new cooking techniques!

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