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Apartment Wish List

Announcement: I am subletting an apartment this summer! It has been so long since I've lived "on my own" (well, with other roommates), and I have lots of ideas stored up. Unfortunately, my bank account has not stored up anything in preparation for these decorating dreams, so I must relegate these ideas to yet another Wish List. Maybe I can incorporate them slowly...or maybe you will get some joy from these and I can live vicariously through my readers! Every Blogger's dream.

This is a sweet way to green up your apartment and make it smell a little homier at the same time. Well, if homey smells like roast chicken to you. You could also change up the herbs to lavender or something with a scent more similar to perfume. 

I absolutely adore this print. It comes from a blog called Paris vs. NYC and it is just one of the many prints the site (created and run by a French graphic designer) has to offer delineating the differences (and sometimes similarities!) between Parisian and American life.

I want this shower curtain really badly. I don't think anyone who has met me would be surprised by this.

(There is also this apothecary shower curtain if you want something a little less pink!)

This candle smells like blood orange and I want one. It would last for hours and make everything smell incredible...and just a bit like summer and Christmas combined! (That's what I think orange makes the world smell like? Apparently.)

This candle comes in Basil and Fig leaf scents, and I love the semi-rustic look of the candle pot. You could always put a tea light or other candle inside once you'd finished this one!

Who doesn't need more help getting organized?

Anyone who has met me for more than ten minutes probably knows that I someday aspire to own a female french bulldog named Batman. I could explain, or you could just imagine the reasoning behind this life goal. This print may make it a big easier for me to hold off on the responsibilities of dog parent-ship for another year or two!

(Have you found yourself lusting after home decor items too?)

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