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Hot Spot: Kitchen Story Café

You know what I love almost as much as I love Fall (I know, it's getting annoying, I'm almost off the Fall kick and on to Winter)? Brunch. I do love me some good brunch. Or even some bad brunch, really - anything with toast and eggs and maybe some butter and definitely some coffee. Vegetables in the eggs are bad, and cheese is a bonus, but really it just needs bread and eggs and some strongly brewed caffeine. That is what I live for on the weekends. The roomies and I have come up with a pretty good system (I have dubbed myself the Egg lady and have somehow tricked them into believing it, mwahaha - maybe I'll post pics from some of our brunches next week! Don't worry guys, only the cute ones. So like, the food.) for weekend brunches on the fly, but when we're just not feeling it, I love going out to brunch.

This is the Story (get it) of one weekend when Lily, Samia, and I were craving some... well, you know the word. Brunch.


Kitchen Story Café is one of those places I'd always walked by (likely on my way to Philz or the yarn store ImagiKnit) and never thought to try, so when Lily and Samia suggested it I was all in. We didn't have to wait very long for a table (when we arrived the crowd was much larger than shown here - in fact, even as we left around 2pm people were still waiting to eat, so this picture is incredibly misleading. It's a popular place.) and we got a great outside table for three next to a pair on a first date and a table with adorable babies.

Also, while waiting, Samia and I had the pleasure of viewing two naked guys moseying down the street. I'm using the word "pleasure" loosely here, because lets be real, it's always a little awkward when people are naked in public. I know that's a social convention and there are lots of people who disagree with it, but, I'm a fan of social conventions. At least that particular one. Clothes! Good! Anyway, Lily missed it because she was at the tailor's, and I know she was disappointed.

We got our menus, and they had robots on them.

IMG_2597  IMG_2598

Robots, people! I knew right away I was going to like this place.


I splurged and got a mocha - while we were waiting we had seen a young woman with some kind of deep lavender colored coffee drink and we were trying to guess which one it was. It wasn't the mocha, but this baby was amazing on its own merit. I guess it's not hard to make something with whipped cream taste good, but I'm going to go ahead and give them credit anyway.


I got a veggie scramble that came with a cheddar and chive biscuit. Lily got a scramble as well so I didn't double-photograph (also, I made her take the below pictures and I felt bad taking up so much actual eating time with photography!) but we both agreed the biscuits were unexpectedly - and a bit oddly - sweet. I love biscuits like any normal carb-lover does but when you say it's a cheddar-chive biscuit I'm imagining something that doesn't taste like a dense dessert cake? It was still good, and I still ate it (ha) but I put some eggs on top to balance out the flavors.

Then, because this is my blog and I sometimes feel like I don't have enough pictures of myself on here (there's a thought), I made Lily take some brunch action shots...

IMG_2601  IMG_2602 IMG_2603  IMG_2605

I'm so photogenic with no makeup and two day old hair, right? Just smile and nod guys.

Samia got these ricotta pancakes that looked to. die. for. If I haven't already told you about my love affair with the Chow ricotta and raspberry pancakes, now you know, I have a special place in my heart for anything that combines ricotta cheese and fruit and breakfast foods. I have to go back to KSC if only to try this dish...


Finally, they brought us the bill clipped to an old book. I mean, have you guys met me? I love books! I love brunch! This is the greatest combination. My wallet may not necessarily agree (the mocha was $4.50, which is standard, but Samia's drip coffee was $3.50...) but I think I can overpower the little guy.


In case you're planning your own excursion to Kitchen Story Café (which you should) it's at 16th and Sanchez Street, right next to Ike's Sandwich Shop. Another place I should try! I can't believe how little I've explored my own neighborhood... Well, it's good to have goals.


Shout out to my readers: what's your favorite part of brunch?


ps - All pictures were taken on the iPhone 5S. It's got a great little camera on there!

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