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High Five for Friday: 11/22

Guess what time it is? Nah you don't even need to guess. You know the drill by now. Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth, a super fun (and stylin) Chicago blogger! Untitled    H54Fblack

1. Had my first Christmas coke this weekend! I love Christmas and most of the time that includes all of the crazy winter themed marketing that comes along with the season. Have you met me? I'm the girl marketing was made for. For whom marketing was made. Whatever. I love those little polar bear commercials... And, this soda can means the season is really underway!

2. Went to an 80s fundraiser for the Princess Project last Friday night. Danced the night away, had one $11 glass of wine (it was a big pour but still, MAN cash bars are tough.), and got to wear my chucks with an old semi-formal dress from college. I didn't go to college in the 80s (ha) but I think it worked well enough.

3. Went to Philz this weekend! I haven't been in so long since the weekends have been jam packed but this past Sunday I had a great "get things done" day, including a trip to ImagiKnit and a stopover at Philz. I love love love their mint mojito. Sugar and coffee, yes please.

4. It rained this week! Ahhh finally. More more more please.

5. Took some new earthquake state wrist warmers out for a test drive today! Gotta do quality control on my own merch sometimes to make sure I'm not swindling my loyal customers. I'm not, don't worry! These ones are super comfy. They might turn into gifts for everyone I know.

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