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Wearables | Copa, Copacabana

Introducing: Jenna from Visions of Vogue! J and I go way back, all the way to undergrad, where we were in the same sorority but didn't really know each other. Now, thanks to the power of the internet, we are friends who talk on the regular! And, if you couldn't tell, blogger buds! Visions of Vogue - Matching Separates 6  DSC_5400

Today we're bringing you a fun crossover post where we both challenged ourselves (and each other) to try a trend we might not ordinarily go for - Jenna's trend was matching separates, and mine was a romper. Who do you think did it better? Alright, don't answer that - I'm just loving her summery look with that soft lighting!

Check out her blog for more fun LA looks.

DSC_5422 DSC_5411 DSC_5426 DSC_5435

The challenge was to try a trend you might not pick for yourself, but it turns out, the real challenge is getting me to stop buying rompers after I realize I can pull one off! I mean, I'm assuming - I can pull this one off, right? Right?

They're just so comfortable, and the fun tropical print (so in right now!) almost makes me forget that I'm wearing a full body outfit. Although, there's something to be said for the ease of getting dressed - just put on the one-piece and walk out the door. The rough part is determining whether to dress a romper up or down! It harkens back to the days of elementary school when the hardest part of the morning was figuring out which colored leggings to pair with which t-shirt! Hard stuff for a nine-year-old.

ASOS in particular has several that are calling my name, but I can resist! I shall withhold! Or, maybe I'll just stick my credit card in the freezer for a while.


romper | ESPRIT from ASOS blazer | Banana Republic, old (similar) heels | ZARA, sold out (similar) bag | ZARA, sold out (similar) necklace | Itsy Bitsy boutique, unavailable online (similar) bracelet | Bauble Bar Ciela Bangle watch | Cartier (similar)


ps - Were you aware that the lyrics to Barry Manilow's "Copacabana" are so depressing? I was...not. Do not read more into this blog post title than tropical, summery, smooth crooning by Mr. Manilow.

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