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Small Screen Style | The Mindy Project

You guys. I don't even know HOW I did this (it must be my sparkling personality... or my constant tweets about puppies and lip gloss!) but I have linked up with some of the coolest blogger chicks around: Rebecca, Rachel, Lindsay & Skyla, and Stephanie! Apologies if you don't like being called chicks, ladies. I think it makes us seem like a fun fashion crew. We need matching leather jackets, stat. Preferably in pink? I'm getting off topic.

The point is, these awesomely stylish (and awesomely cool, based on our email chain) women and I are teaming up this week. This week, the blog is being taken over by fashion posts!

And even better, they're fashion posts inspired by some of our favorite Small Screen Style (this is where the title comes in, ya feel me?)

Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project

Small Screen Style Mindy

Each of us has chosen to show her best interpretation of each day's character, and each day on each blog you can see all of our outfits grouped together too. Pretty great idea, right?*

*self-congratulations are necessary sometimes  DSC_6600 DSC_6624 DSC_6630 DSC_6617 DSC_6609 DSC_6598

I chose this look because I noticed Mindy loves wearing lots of colors, and lots of layers. However, she is a doctor, so she does have a practical side to her - note the matching shoes and bag? I especially liked wearing a kind of crazy shirt under a dress. I've never done that before! I might have to take note this winter. (Thanks for the pro tip, Minds!)

EVEN MORE EXCITEMENT -- we're not just dressing up like our favorite characters. We're dressing YOU up like them too! We're doing a crazy giveaway, starting today, that includes over $600 of jewelry we picked out that represents these characters! Mindy's jewelry today is from the Boy Meets Girl collaboration with Roman Luxe. I'm dying over that ring! mindy giveaway graphic

Each day we'll show you something new inspired by that character, and you get new chances to win! The giveaway goes through next Monday, and we'll announce one winner on Tuesday, August 26th, who takes home the whole lot. Sound good? I thought so.

So, don't forget to keep checking back. There's that whole leading a horse to water thing, but I can only do so much. I'd love it if one of my readers won!


Old Navy dress (similar, similar) American Apparel shirt, thrifted (similar) Corso Como black pumps Foley + Corinna black bag (similar) Old Navy earrings (similar, similar) J.Crew leopard skinny belt (similar) Julep nailpolish (similar) __________

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