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Lazy Protein Salad | Recipe

Lazy Protein Salad | Recipe

What better description is there than a simple one? This is a delicious combination of healthy fats (ooh enticing) and zingy spices (ahhh sexy!) 

I would bet my new leopard print slides that I am not even close to the first person who thought this up (in fact I'm pretty sure I lifted some version of this from a Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook) but it never hurts to have a refresher on basic deliciousness. 


Hardboil eggs for 11 minutes in boiling water, 2 per salad/person, then plunge into an ice bath while you prepare the rest of this "salad." 

Dice up 1/2 - 1 avocado per salad, depending on how caloric you want to get.

Slice cherry or grape tomatoes in half, or dice up a delicious roma or heirloom tomato if your knife is sharp enough. 


Top with a few good glugs of olive oil from your favorite brand (it's worth it to use the nice stuff in salads or as a dressing, when you'll taste the difference!), or about 2 tablespoons worth. Splash a bit of lemon juice or rice vinegar (about 2 teaspoons, or more to taste) and some salt and pepper on top.

You could also add a few drizzles of honey and red pepper flakes, or some fancier herbs like a tiny pinch of herbes de provence or dill. Really make this your own! Because, let's be honest, it's 3 ingredients otherwise. What are we doing here. 

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