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Wednesday Wins: The one about food

Wednesday Wins: The one about food

We've made it, you guys - another week around the sun. It's been pretty nice in San Francisco, actually, despite our usual foggy demeanor in the summer months. It makes it hard to stay indoors and do work! I do my best focusing when it's grey and drizzly and I have no desire to go outside and lay in the grass. Does that happen to anyone else? 

This week's post will be short and sweet and completely food-related. This is unintentional but it does lead me to believe that my focus on food in life is not just happenstance - I was raised in a household where good food and good company were impressed upon me, and I try my best to bring bits and pieces of those ideals into my everyday life. It's hard though when sometimes you just want to go home, watch three episodes of something, eat eggs on toast, and go to sleep before double digits hit the clock. Being an adult is harddddd.


1. Atlantic Beach Pie

I made this amazing pie I saw on Food 52 last week, which will be its very own blog post sometime soon, and had to wait until my stepdad's birthday on Sunday to dig into it and determine the results. It did not disappoint, despite Charlie's (and my) misgivings about the saltine cracker crust - those Food52s know what they're doing!

I also experienced whipping cream all by myself without a hand mixer. That was a joy that I may not ever need to experience again, but it's good to know it can be done. I may or may not have called my mother to ask if it was possible and she reminded me that people in olden times ate whipped cream and meringue and other things requiring quick mixing, it just took some arm power. Apparently this is also how you make butter? WHO KNEW. I'm a child of the 21st century, what can I say. 


2. Oysters in Pt. Reyes

We celebrated my stepdad's birthday (I won't tell you which one it is because then I'd have to admit I'm losing track...I can barely remember how old I am these days so I think I get a pass) in Point Reyes this past weekend. We spent some time walking around the cute little town of Point Reyes Station, and then had to jet over to the restaurant (Sir and Star - the decor was amazing, go pop in if you ever have a chance. They are part of a hotel of the same name as well.) for our celebratory meal. We had champagne, a few oysters, and as I had JUST decided to stop eating meat and dairy I had the only veggie thing on the menu: a fishless bouillabaisse with fried kale fritters on top. It was better than expected but probably not as delicious as the quail my dad couldn't stop raving about. 


3. Matcha Maddy

You guys, I like matcha. Who knew?! I think I had it before in the frozen version from Starbucks several years ago when they first came out with that concoction, but I didn't realize it was just a high quality tea powder you can buy from various tea shops and combine with milk or almond milk or water or whatever to get your desired morning magic going. I am looking into investing in one of those little matcha whisks and getting myself some tea from Asha a. s. a. f. p. Yes you know what that stands for. Chapter 2 Coffee's almondmilk matcha latte is a new favorite of mine. 

4. My car is no longer broken.

I got my cracked windshield replaced yesterday. Goodbye money, hello adulthood and responsibility. The joy I felt at driving through the parking garage (as I re-parked it after the service) and being able to see entirely through it, knew no bounds. I'm trying not to be too precious about my car since it's "just an object" and any number of other things can happen to it, but hallelujah I can see again!

What were your Wednesday Wins since we last spoke? It's been a whole 7 days, something has to have happened to you since then! Pop into the comments and let me know your favorite. 

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