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Wednesday Wins: Bridal Shower edition

Wednesday Wins: Bridal Shower edition

I don't travel as often as I'd like (who else can say the same, just about everyone?) and when I do, frankly, it stresses me the frak out. I don't like flying (I think it's a bit of the control freak in me) and I do not like having to decide which of my 10 pairs of jeans I need for a two day trip.

...I'm actually not sure which of those stresses me out MORE. 


Couple that with a day packed with hearings for your boss just before you leave, and the stressometer spikes. Luckily, my recent travel was for the funnest of purposes: to celebrate my bestie getting married!

Her bridal shower was scheduled about a month before her wedding, which was perfect, because it means I got to go up and spend time with her and her fiance Matt before the real panic sets in. I also got to add my two cents to important decisions like kids table vs. no kids table. For an outsider, wedding planning is fun! Remind me that I said this in about two years. Oof. 


I arrived mid-day Saturday and she picked me up at the airport in the trusty Subaru. She's had this car since college so it feels like a throwback to days visiting just after we graduated (although it's more accurately been about... 100 years. Give or take.) We dropped my things (I am a compulsive overpacker so there were many things for a Saturday - Monday trip) at their new apartment, I got the grand tour, and we decided on THE BEST PLAN ever:

1. Taco truck. Necessary for nourishment and so no one passes out in the aisles of Target. 

2. Target trip. Necessary for splurging on shirts that say "Slaycation" (yes I did purchase this) and decorative pens for bullet journaling. It's like, organizational. 

3. Starbucks. Technically this came before Target. I wanted to get the horchata frappuccino but decided this was not the trip to test my body's sugar processing skills. 

4. Trader Joe's. My contribution to the bridal shower, as someone who doesn't live locally to Seattle, was to purchase all non-alcoholic drinks for the shower. This resulted in about 6 extra bottles of sparkling water making their way back to Carly's apartment, but I figure that's an acceptable cost for letting me stay for the weekend. We also bought ingredients for creamy pasta dinner, and a cheese plate. Of course. See why I couldn't get the horchata frapp?? #balance #somethinglikethat

I also tried to get her and Matt into watching The 100, which is a terribmazing show on the CW about 100 kids dropped on post-apocalyptic Earth. It's kind of like the Hunger Games plus Battlestar Galactica plus Lord of the Flies, with a badass female leader. It's also on Netflix. #notanad


The day of the shower (which will be spotlighted in its own post soon, you can be sure of that) we spent the day at a local park where we could look out onto water of some kind, made flower crowns, drank sparkling drinks and ate delicious apps made by her bridesmaids (cheese plate, mac n cheese, bacon wrapped dates, deviled eggs, THE WORKS Y'ALL) and of course took copious pictures of Carly opening presents. 


Too soon, it was time to head back to San Francisco! I love Seattle, mostly because visiting Carly there feels like we're just doing college all over again in a new location. We snack, we TV, we craft, we talk about life and our mens (not that other thing, that has an extra ES), and we just relax. 

I'll be spending the week up there right before the wedding, which is coming up soon enough. Who wants to take bets on how many pairs of shoes I bring for that trip? 

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