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It's about time.

I found this article really interesting. The basic premise is that people in our society (specifically in American culture) claim to work often and sleep rarely, but are not truly as aware of how they spend their time as they purport to be (and therefore work less and sleep more than claimed.) The article suggests keeping a time log, much like a food log for dieters, for a week to see where all 168 hours of your week really go - for example, many people say they don't have "time" to exercise or grocery shop or go to the cleaners, but taking away 6 facebook checking sessions per day at 5 minutes each leaves one with 2.5 hours of extra time. !! Miracle upon miracles.

I think I need to try this.
I have been notorious (ok, mostly among family members and college roommates more than anyone else) for spending far too much time watching TV. Though there are many funny, well-written shows out there (these days typically found either on DVD or hidden in some non-prime-time slot), I do not need to watch as many of them as I do in order to lead a rich and fulfilling life. In fact, the argument could be made (cough) that my life would be more dynamic and varied if I didn't spend so much time in front of the computer or "the tube." Interesting thought.

So bloggees, here's the deal: I'll keep track of my time for a week, and report back next Monday around noon. You can follow along with your own time log, or just observe and see if I'm really made more aware of how I spend my time in the next seven days. If you do try this experiment with me, comment and let me know how your life changes! Or if you just become more ashamed of your time-choices, as I predict I may be. So, let's start logging! It's about time.

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