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Wearables | Birthday Suit... Er, Shirt.

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I wore this outfit to a casual birthday dinner with my family outside SF. I had just gotten home from a five day trip to New York and was anticipating going to work the rest of the week with a busy busy weekend ahead. I was pooped out, but celebrating. Ergo, I did not try my hardest for this birthday outfit...but, sometimes you don't need to try too hard! You just need to find something that makes you feel a little more special than everyday, and you go with it. Even if you might never wear it again.

In some cases "going with it" includes teasing your ponytail to within an inch of non-catwalk decency. Which I did here. A lot. I don't know how those fashion designers get their models' hair to the voluminous levels they are on the runway - this just looks like a normal hairstyle, and it took a good ten to fifteen minutes of volumizing work!

The lesson here? Teasing your hair is never a bad thing. Only a good thing. Right? Right. Let's see how long that lesson holds up...



shirt | H&M, unavailable online (similar here, here) tank | Old Navy, Men's jeans | Gap 1969 Denim purse | Kate Spade, gift (similar) boots | Franco Sarto (different color here) personalized cuff bracelet | Bauble Bar earrings | Old Navy, unavailable online (similar)

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