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Wearables | Acting Shift-y

This title is all about the fact that this is a shift dress and that I utilize any opportunity to make a bad pun that I can take. DSC_4836DSC_4865 DSC_4841 DSC_4848 DSC_4855(Although I suppose the skulls on my clutch do convey a sense of menace - er, "shiftiness" - that the adorable block-print bears may not impart to the viewer...)

I saw this dress in an anthropologie catalogue last Spring. Then I saw it on one of my favorite style bloggers, Kendi. Then I saw it in the store while buying a dress to attend a wedding and, though it wasn't wedding appropriate, made the mental argument that I needed to have it, "for life." I think that was still a pretty good argument.

This is one of those dresses that I love for its ease, its color combination, and its sense of fun. Ok, the dress is inanimate, it doesn't have senses, but it just feels fun! To me! I can wear this with sandals or heels, with a cardigan or a wrap or a coat, with a big necklace or big earrings or big hair. Its pattern makes it so versatile  - and yet, I don't wear it often enough. Hopefully this post will get millions of views and encourage me to make this dress a permanent fixture on the blog!

Or, I'll just remember to wear dresses more often.



dress | Anthropologie, old (similar) jacket | Gap, old (similar) shoes | Seychelles (similar on sale) necklace | Bauble Bar, old (similar) rings | Etsy, here and here bangle | Old Navy, unavailable online (similar or check stores) clutch | Urban Outfitters, old (similar here and here)


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