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High Five for Friday | 05/16

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled It's that time again! I'll keep this short but sweet since I'm back to posting pretty regularly, and since I'm such an instagram fiend (are you following me yet?), you probably all already know what my week was like. This update is for the past couple of weeks, in case you missed anything!


1. Traveled to NYC! It was amazing! For more pics and deets, check out these two posts from this week.

2. Finally got Birkenstocks for my birthday. They are so comfortable, I literally can't wait to wear them with (almost) everything in my closet. And I can't wait to do an outfit post and prove to some people (cough Jenna cough) that they can be styled to look cute!

3. Had a mini birthday party last week at Southern Pacific Brewing Co., one of my favorite places in the city to go with a group. They make it so easy (everyone pays separately, hallelujah) and have a great menu with lots of fun drinks to match.

4. Attended a friend's gorgeous, beautiful, heartwarming wedding this past weekend at Murrieta's Well - will post more pictures soon! Congratulations again, Lindsay and Paul!

5. Went home for Mother's Day! We got tacos with the pops and then I bought them both coffee. I'm a high roller, what can I say.


This week I... - got belated birthday oysters with a friend at Woodhouse Fish Co. on their $1 oysters Tuesday! - had book club where we discussed the book The Golem and the Jinni. It was great, I highly recommend it. - got 8.5 hours of sleep last night - a personal best for the workweek!


What have you all been up to? ps - Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth, love her blog!

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