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A bit flustered in florals.

Hey, remember that thing I was talking about that one time? That thing about howsometimes living in San Francisco makes it hard to dress up to my true fashionista (that word, ugh) potential because of the hills and the hipsters and -- oh yeah -- the wind? Shooting for this photo was like a small reminder that Mother Nature knows all, hears all, and does not like being mocked on my blog. Clearly.

DSC_9926 DSC_9953 DSC_9962 DSC_9997 DSC_9998 DSC_9966

These shots look so serene, don't they? Just a twenty-something girl, putting together a cute springtime look and sashaying her way down the street to grab a quick bite with friends or get drinks at a café or maybe check out a museum.

Ah, what a life that would be!

The reality was more like this:


Oh, and there are lots more where that came from.

This entire shoot was done a hop, skip, and a sashay away from my apartment, so I didn't travel far in my short skirtedness. Yet, the amount of times I awkwardly (andspeedily) clamped my arms down to avoid flashing the small children of theneighborhood (or the firefighters down the street) is almost comical.

Clearly this is an outfit that works more in theory in SF than in the reality of it.

...Or maybe I should just learn to love tights? I don't think I'm ready to give in yet. It's bare, ghost-white legs, or nothin!

Er, I mean, or pants. Pants are an option too.

Sidenote: I love these DV by Dolce Vita heels. It's hard for me to find high heels that are comfortable for me (thanks, law school job, for the foot thing) but these ones are verywearable. And I snagged them on sale from Piperlime's closing! Win-win.

(For me at least. Probably not for Piperlime.)



dress | Prabal Gurung for Target via Poshmark (similar) jacket | Gap 1969 Denim heels | DV by Dolce Vita clutch | Adopted NYC sunnies | Ray Ban (similar)

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