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Knit Two Together: Sleeveless Sweater Update II

Well, this project has certainly taken longer than I originally anticipated a few months ago when I started it...however, that is in large part due to my sporadic knitting habits. I will sit down for hours and make big progress, and then put my needles down for over a week. Summertime has filled me with too many creative urges - knitting, reading, writing, hell I even want to learn how to quilt. Sometimes I think it is a good thing to have many different interests, but I also see in myself the tendency to get spread a little too thin and not finish things I start. Hopefully, this week will see the END of the Sleeveless Sweater pattern!

Here's where I am so far...

It's knit from the bottom up, so what you're seeing is about the bottom 1/3 of the sweater. I've made some more progress since taking these photos, so it's entirely possibly you shall see the results of a fully knit, fully blocked sweater in a few days. Or...a few weeks.

Are any of you compulsive project-starters like me? What have you been working on lately?

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