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It's that time again! Sorry I missed you all last week, was going through some stuff in my real non-blog life, but I am back! And linking up with Lauren Elizabeth, as I love to do! h1h2h3h4 h5HFFFconfetti



1. I went to Re:Make 2013 a couple of Saturdays ago with my mom, to scope out the craft scene and see if there were any handmade bits I couldn't live without. Spoiler alert: There were! Including these amazing earrings which must have been priced wholesale because I definitely got them at a lower price in person. Love that.

2. I got my mini business cards from Moo! I'm so excited. This is my first full fall-through-holidays season with ESD and I'm trying to figure out all of the little touches that make the businesses I love so great. Having professional materials is definitely one of them, it shows I take this seriously and it's an investment in my future customers! If you knit it, they will come! Right?

3. Rachel is in town! Rachel is a great friend from high school, and normally we all hang out in one big group when we all get together but this time Lily was out of town so it turned into a Rachel-Maddy day. We walked all around the neighborhood and got treats at three different spots and I bought sandals. I have pictures, I'll post them soon!

4. The leaves have finally changed and are starting to fall. I'm. So. Happy.

5. I'm reading The Godfather for one of my book clubs (yes, you read that right) this weekend and I love it. I was the one who suggested it, so I'm not sure why I'm so surprised at how engaging it is, but I am. It's a really great story about family and loyalty and respect and "reason over hot-headedness" - which sometimes translates into calculated coldbloodedness! Anyway. I'll write a review of it when I'm finished. But just start reading it now!


How were your weeks? 

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