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Wearables: Heels and Hoops

style + design, wearablesMaddy

This is my attempt at a California take on Jersey Shore style. If you're from the Jersey Shore, I apologize. I know this is a haphazard rendering, but it's all I've got! And isn't fashion all about working with what you've got? Or, something.DSC_2111 DSC_2124 DSC_2159 DSC_2145 DSC_2169

Maybe I should just go back to watching Scarlett Johansson kill it (in a good way - that means she looks great) in Don Jon with Joseph Gordon Levitt...or maybe not. This could be a new thing for me! Heels heels heels hoops hoops hoops. I like it.

Also, the blue eyeliner! My new fav. Subtle right? Or at least an attempt at subtle? I hope so because I'm wearing it at work right now...


//tanks: Everlane (the Ryan Collection) //sweatshirt: Gap (on sale) //jeans: Gap 1969 Perfect Boot //heels: Missoni for Target (similar) //earrings: jewelry show (2010) //hair: cut/styled by Dan at Joseph Cozza on Market St, SF.