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Wearables: Navy Blue Cape Coat

Well, there's nothing like a photoshoot to reinvigorate your workout ethic. Oof, I tell ya! I bought this cape coat from Bloom, the brick & mortar shop started by fashion blogger Kendi Skeen, after seeing how absolutely chic and put together it looked on her. News flash: not all people look alike, and this is just as true in cape coats as it is in sample size dresses. The actual coat itself is lovely, a wonderful color and great construction and you can tell it'll keep you warm when it's actually cold out (as opposed to the 65 degree day on which these photos were taken - am I spoiling the magic for you?), but it just doesn't look the same. Le sigh.

Well, at least I tried! Sometimes you just have to try and play around until you figure out what really works. Maybe a more contrasting color underneath, or a scarf over it? And next time I'll style this baby with some pants...I think pants would help.

(Also, I have to say, Bloom's service was impeccable. This baby shipped out the same day I ordered it and arrived soon after. Can't wait to purchase from them again!)

DSC_3481 DSC_3494 DSC_3518 DSC_3538

The sweater underneath, however, I bought on a whim on New Year's Eve whilst shopping for a sparkly top (which I never found, by the by) and I have literally already worn a hole into the sleeve because it is in such high closet rotation right now. They have tons of colors online and, for reference, I'm wearing a size large. I seriously am obsessed with this lightweight sweater tunic thing. Trouvé, you have my heart! And my money!

Good thing I've told myself no more shopping or I would have like three other colors by now... then again, give me a week.


____________________ //cape coat: Bloom by Kendi Everyday (sold out - similar) //skirt: Gap (similar here and here) //sweater: Trouvé Side Slit Tunic Sweater //boots: Rag and Bone Newbury bootie //bag: Madewell (similar) //necklace: Bauble Bar (similar)

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