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DSC_2362 Last week was a whirlwind, you guys! I didn't even do a post-Thanksgiving HFFF post. Maybe I'll show you some pictures of our family's beautiful dinner tomorrow...!

The past week has been spent frantically cooking, cleaning, and knitting. I dropped off a bunch of cowls and hats and fingerless gloves at Sticky Art Lab in Berkeley yesterday for a pop up shop they're doing, which means I had to spend all of the days before yesterday knitting, and pressing, and sewing labels, and writing out tags for the pieces I left there. It was a little hectic. I think my mom started noticing my stress levels when I was in IKEA shopping for booth decor talking about how much that place (IKEA) makes me hate people...! Good thing I came home and watched four episodes of Homeland - now there's a show that reaffirms your faith in humanity. Snort. Scoff. Chortle.

But really, I feel a lot better now that I know exactly how long it takes me to prep how many items, since I have to do it all over again this week for the SF Etsy team booth at SF Bazaar this upcoming Sunday. And again for my own booth at the SF Etsy Indie Holiday Emporium the weekend after that. Oh yeah, and I'm having a Cyber Monday sale on the shop today.

Did I mention I've been a little busy? And stressed?

So, Thanksgiving was a really nice respite from that. And in lieu of taking outfit photos while trying to help my mom serve appetizers, I just recreated the look the next day. That's totally normal, right?

DSC_2363DSC_2386  DSC_2401DSC_2403  DSC_2405DSC_2384

Hope you all got to spend some time with family this past week! And ate some good food! And hope to see you come out to one of my thirteen Etsy events and shop local! And handmade! Ok propaganda done.


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