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Making it through Monday

Whoof, Bloggees, it's been a crazy couple of weeks! Apologies for the absence, but this summer has been far more hectic than I had anticipated a few months ago. For one thing, I started my new job and I'm still getting settled in! What does this mean? It means more suits, more pumps, and more homemade lunches. I'm trying to approach this new gig as a reintroduction to adulthood: dressing in clothes that require more effort than pulling on a sweatshirt, making healthier lunches than the ones I've been eating for the past two years at Google, and being extra-conscious of when I buy coffee or cocktails or midday snacks to save a few extra nickels every month.

Ok, sometimes I splurge and get an iced triple-shot vanilla latte from the Starbucks downstairs... I'm only human.

I've also been trying to jumpstart my knitting needles this summer so that by the time "the season" rolls around in a couple of months, I'll have a pretty penny's worth of inventory built up. This also helps me stave off the situational arthritis (is that a thing? did I just make up an ailment?) that I seem to get every winter when I'm knitting my little fingers to the bone in anticipation of craft shows and holiday markets.


As I'd mentioned during the Foggy Day reboot, I want to share more of my handmade lifestyle with you all. This blog isn't just about outfits and recipes, but about what I'm making, where I get inspiration for different styles, and how Foggy Day Studio (the knitting part) is intertwined with the rest of my home life.

That, and, I just like to brag sometimes.

IMG_3727 IMG_3730 IMG_3724I made this single-loop striped cowl from a combination of yarns I picked up during my family's trip to DC. A vacation wouldn't be a vacation without buying some wool, amirite? The multi-colored yarn is a one-of-a-kind skein from a cute little shop in the Dupont Circle area called Looped Yarn Works, and I paired it with a section of taupe to attempt to tone down the spotted stripes.

I love how the colors are still bright enough for summertime wear (especially in a place as windy as San Francisco in the summer...) but are quickly transitioning into Fall. I can't wait for Fall!

(I still have to tuck in the ends before I list this on the shop. Baby steps.)

What other types of patterns would you like to see? I have a couple of other skeins of this multicolored yarn in different color combinations that I need to do something with!


PS... Did you get my "handmade pun" in the title? 

Wakey wakey, eggs and... baked potato?

Farfalle? Fancy!