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One Two Three: Homebody Edition

I'm a pretty social person. I've always had friends around, always felt comfortable meeting new people and going into new situations. And, more recently, I've had fun exploring San Francisco. Everything is new! There's so much packed into a tiny town! And it's all for me! Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean.

The drawback is that these things are exhausting. And there are times when what sounds the best to me, what sounds like the most enjoyable use of my time, is to just sit in my new armchair in my apartment, cook myself something delicious, and veg out completely. Journal, write letters to friends, blog. You can't do these things when you're out on the town!

Here are my favorite homebody supplies:

Something for cooking: The Canal House is a project Carly introduced me to, a meeting of the minds between two wonderful women who cook and garden and enjoy the ideal rustic chic lifestyle. Something for us all to aspire to? Us homebodies, that is. Here is their most recent cookbook - can't wait to get my hands on it this winter.

Something for writing: I love stationery, and I love the show Friends. So of course I would love this card with the classic Phoebe quote, "She's his lobster!" If it weren't $6, I would have already purchased this. 

Something for lounging: Another TV show throwback, the song "soft kitty" comes from an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon (the incredibly difficult roommate of the show's main protagonist, Leonard) is sick and wants Penny (the pretty girl from across the hall who intermittently mocks and mothers the four boys in the geek squad) to sing him his favorite childhood song, "Soft Kitty," to make him feel better. She does, and a classic t-shirt is born. Anyone would be lucky to lounge in this shirt!

Do you have any favorite lounging-around-the-house necessities? What are you favorite staying-in activities? I'd love to hear from my fellow homebodies. 

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