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High Five for Friday | 04/18

This week has been a doozy - my whole weekend was full, I knit not one but two tank tops from scratch (long story), had brunches and dinners and book clubs! Ok, maybe just one each of those. But you get the picture. Last night was the first night I just sat and did nothing, and it was glorious. My biggest problem was turning off House of Cards and making myself go to sleep early - I'm almost finished with Season 2! Have you seen it yet? Untitled


1. I had some friends over and we made mood boards last Saturday! Mine is reminiscent of my high school collages - a little bit ambitious, a little bit aspirational, a little bit just plain "oh this looks pretty!" It was fun to do something creative that doesn't threaten to give me arthritis. Ha.

2. Made brunch with the roomies & co on Sunday at Anita's house! Her backyard is gorgeous. Just gorgeous. It was a fantastic summer day...minus the gigantic bumblebee that approached our picnic towards the end.

3. Designed and knit two tank tops for a friend (also a customer) going to Coachella this weekend - one with a plain design that was accidentally three sizes too large for her, and another in a racerback style that seemed to fit much better! Either way, it was great design and pattern-writing experience, and I can't wait to make more to list in the shop for summer...

4. We had our book club meeting for April this past Wednesday at Ben & Nick's in Rockridge - the mac and cheese was delicious, and our discussion of The Art of Fielding was one of our liveliest to date. Fun fun fun!

5. Spring has sprung on Google's campus! It's hard to stay indoors and work in front of  a computer when it's so lovely out. I hope to have many iced tea-filled days ahead.

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